Biorthex Inc. is a dynamic young company, with a technological expertise for producing innovative spinal devices from proprietary and unique implant materials such as ActiporeTM. Our customer driven company culture gives us a solid basis for a powerful distribution opportunity.

Biorthex is now developing new international markets with distributors that share our vision, standards and objectives. It is our goal to structure long-term successful relationships that have resulting benefits for distributors and will provide us with support in business development and the ongoing growth of our spinal implant business.

To better understand our distributorship opportunities, we have the following criteria in place and steps required to become a candidate for distribution of our product line:

  • The first criterion is that applicants must have a sales force that has previous or current spinal implant sales experience within the market that you wish to develop.
  • Secondly, the distributor should possess a working capital sufficient to fund the development of their market. This will entail the purchasing of spinal instrumentation and implants at a volume adequate to support such market development.
  • The third criterion is that distributors must have substantial familiarity with the territory proposed for development. In addition, they must be willing to exert diligently their best efforts in performing their obligations under the Biorthex Distribution Agreement.
We sincerely appreciate your interest in Biorthex.